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Which oc should I draw for halloween? 

3 deviants said Scarlet
3 deviants said Dracul
1 deviant said Iris
1 deviant said Other (comment)
No deviants said Lily
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                                            Warning: Child abuse ahead. don't read if you can't handle it

                                                                                  Chapter 1
                                                                      The End, The Beginning

   On a cold late November evening the last of the autumn leafs fell into the creek showing winter was drawing ever closer to the lands.  On this land walks a young girl with raven hair that only in the sunlight reviled rich dark red.  She had peach skin and coal black eyes that seems to go down into the worlds darkest but most beautiful places.  This girl's name is Scarlet.

It's currently late 1700s in England as this young girl of 10 walks home from the park.  Her father, a man called Ettore works as a banker and sometimes comes home late.  She wouldn't mind too much because when he came home he always looks at her and smiles, then cooks her dinner before playing games with her, tells her stories then puts her to bed.  He had a lot to do being a single parent.  His wife died from illness when scarlet was 5, but Scarlet still remembers her mother's kind smile and positive additude even on her death bed.  During the day when her father was a way she was tutored at home by a governess.  She was being taught very basic math, reading, writing and also how to cook, clean, sow, speak properly, manners, and everything else that made a young lady a lady.  She didn't care for it but she was thankful since girls are rarely taught anything.

Back to where we are now, Scarlet gets home from the park after her tutoring.  She smiles seeing her father just getting home as well and hugs him tightly.  He smiles back glad to see his little angel and hugs her back. "How was your day? Did you learn anything new?" He asks her after letting go and hanging up his coat.   "I learned how to wright more letter in cursive today~" Scarlet says proudly since she's been having trouble writing "perfectly".  Ettore smiles more and ruffles her hair. "Good job sweetie~ let's celebrate by having fish and chips tonight with pie" "yay~!" She cheers and happily helps him with dinner.

As it gets dark and the dinner plates are empty Ettore picks up Scarlet and takes her to bed.  "Goodnight Scarlet, sweet dreams~" he kisses her forehead before tucking her into bed and leaves the room.  Scarlet smiles as her eyes close drifting off to sleep.  As the night progresses Scarlet is awoken by the sound of a door slamming shut. "Daddy?" She calls out getting out of bed.  Hearing no response her heart beat goes faster, she slowly walks out of the bedroom and starts walking to her dads room being scared.  She sees the door opened by a creek and walks gulps knowing his door is always fully open.  "Daddy.....?" She opens the door then screams in horror.  On the bed lays Ettore's body, his neck stabbed open as blood oozes out. "DADDY!!"


   The funeral was long as family, friends, and co-workers of Ettore show up in all black.  Scarlet cries as her father's casket is lowered into his grave.  She feels a hand on her shoulder and looks up, seeing her uncle Alexander behind her.  Alexander was Ettore's step brother. He has blond hair with ice blue eyes.  He always wears a suit and a top hat for most of the time but this time, all black.  Scarlet also has two aunts that are Alexander's sisters, Rose and Mary.  They both have blond hair as well with blue eyes.  Rose has curly hair as Mary has straight hair.  Alexander cries silently with a very rare sad expression.  Kneeling down he hugs her tightly for comfort.   "Don't worry pumpkin, from now on I'll take care of you and we can be sad together rather then alone..." Alexander whispers.  Scarlet cries more hugging him back happy she won't be all alone but with family.  Rain soon starts to come down as the grave is being filled with dirt as if the heavens is crying with them.

8 peaceful years pass by as Scarlet blossoms into a beautiful woman.  Alexander had her continue her education but kept a close eye on her wanting to make sure she's safe being very protective of family.  Scarlet takes a quiet walk down the road enjoying the fresh air but stops and blinks seeing a little blond girl all alone.  The girl had smooth light strawberry blond hair and sky blue eyes wearing a white dress.  Scarlet walks over to the girl and kneels down to her height. "Are you lost little one...? Where are your parents?" She asks worried.  The girl looks at her and shakes her head. "No, I live near here.  Both my mommy and daddy are in heaven.  I live over there" she points at an old orphanage down the road.  Scarlet looks at her sadly. "What's your name....? I'm Scarlet" Scarlet asks her. "I'm Lily, nice to meet you Scarlet~" Lily smiles then runs off.

Days pass as Scarlet & Lily meet up and get to know each other.  They grew so close Lily started calling Scarlet her sister.  Scarlet grows concern seeing bruises on Lily's arms and face.  When asked Lily says the care takers of the children hit them if they get annoyed.    Not liking Lily getting hurt she starts to work around town for money to adopt lily as her own daughter and get her away from that awful place.  A month later Scarlet smiles finally getting enough money to adopt lily.  She walks to the door. "I'm going out uncle!" "Okay, don't stay out too long!" With that reply Scarlet leaves.

As she walks down the road she notices the leafs starting to fall as autumn winter draws near.  Frowns softly remembering the day her father died. 'Its almost exactly the same as that day....' With a soft sigh she fails to notice two dark figures behind her.  During the mean time at the orphanage the care takers are in a worse mood then usual.  They beat the children  more viciously and even throw some agents the wall.  Lily being smart stays out of their sight not wanting to be hit.  She has more bruises then usual and is rubbing her arm with a sigh.  She looks up hearing a boy cry from being hungry.  A care taker walks over and starts smacking him telling him to shut up. It only makes the boy cry more making her smacking him harder.  Unable to take it anymore she runs over and shields the poor boy.  The caretaker getting angry at Lily slams her down and starts to choke her. 

Walks closer to the orphanage Scarlet suddenly felt a hand comes from behind and over her mouth.  She quickly reacts and throws the person over her to the ground and kicks them.  Another man runs up from behind and stabs her in and back and slides the knife down with the knife still in her making a huge gash in her back showing her spine.  In horrific pain she falls to the ground bleeding out. The two men run away seeing what they had done.  In her last breaths she looks up at the orphanage reaching out to it "Lily......." She whispered softly as her eyes started to close.

'…….I'm sorry..'


'No…..?' Scarlet inwardly questioned having heard a voice of a woman out of no where.

"No…. You have to find them, find them, Save them….. please…. find him.  He's been waiting too long just for us to die again…."

'Who is him…? I need to get to Lily…..'


"Find our son"

Unable to ask anymore questions Scarlet slowly passes away…
Chapter 1 The end and beginning
I few years ago i wrote something like this but wanted it to be better.  It's a story about Scarlet and lily with a twist.  Not sure how many chapters or how long it'll take me.

Fav or comment or both if you like it~


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 10:55 AM

To me he truly is.  He cares so much about his fans not because they like his videos or subscribe to him but because how loyal we are to him because he's loyal to us.  He does his best, pours his heart out to us and makes these kinds of videos because HE. IS. AMAZING~

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